Infinitely scalable, self-healing web services in an instant.
StdLib is the easiest way to create, distribute and discover web services. Ship products and build your API business faster than ever before using cutting edge "server-less" technology.

Create functions and turn them into scalable API Services

You've never shipped code this quickly. Use our command line tools to turn your code into infinitely scalable web services in seconds. Want to see how fast you're going to be able to move? Go ahead, give StdLib a spin — we've built this web-based demo so you can build a live service without installing anything. Go ahead, check us out on GitHub to see how easy it is to get started.

Share, discover and integrate with other developers and companies

Think of us like GitHub for the service layer. Share your services with others for free, or use StdLib as a tool to build an API business from the ground up. Set rate limits for both unauthenticated guests and authenticated users, then choose price points based on request volume or compute usage. Whether you're providing open services for others or building the next Twilio, we're here to make it easy — just look at what StdLib developers are doing right now.

Code templates, automated documentation, built-in SDKs

Whether you're building a new Vue.js app or working on an Alexa Skill, StdLib has code templates that allow you to go from zero to one — no familiarity required. We also automatically generate documentation pages for your services, and our pre-built SDKs for the command line, Node.js, Python and Ruby means other developers can access your services seamlessly without any additional work on your behalf. Go ahead and take a look at our Markdown service to see how easy it is to develop with the StdLib SDKs.

Organizational features you've been missing everywhere else

Used "server-less" architecture before? Find out what you've been missing. New to the space? Start with the best.