We're building the Standard Library of the Internet
Create scalable microservices in an instant, share with anyone

The Standard Library of the Internet

Our vision is simple — we believe every developer should be able to interface with the cloud as if it were an extension of their personal computer. Write backend code, push to stdlib as a microservice and have your logic available everywhere. No servers, no hassle.

~ $ cd sentiment-analysis
~/sentiment-analysis $ ls
index.js    package.json
~/sentiment-analysis $ stdlib f:compile
Compiling function "olivia92/grad-thesis/sentiment-analysis" ...
Success! Function now available.
  f olivia92/grad-thesis/sentiment-analysis

Our goal is to build a community of engineers and companies worldwide aligned in creating a library of accessible, scalable functions for everybody. Transparently delivered via the web, run them from your command line or include them in any codebase in seconds.

$ f social-network/users/friends --name "Samwell Tarly"
  {name: "Jon Snow", knows: "nothing"}

Our value is enabling you and your team to build robust software solutions quickly. Whether it's utility functions for public consumption, private scripts passed around your team internally, or core application logic shared across an entire organization. We're here to make it easier. Long-lasting or ephemeral. Your call. Indexed, searchable, documented and readily available.

$ f marketing-co/expenses/generate-report -m "05/2016"
[File (2kB): expense_report_05-2016.csv]

Our future is you — join in. Together, let's turn web services into true first-class citizens of your development environment. No configuration required.

// my-application.js
const stdlib = require('stdlib.com');

}, (err, result) => {
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