A Standard Library for the Web

Stdlib is a production platform for teams building microservices.
Create and share scalable web functions across your organization or with the world.

Build Microservices Instantly

High-volume Endpoints

Replace high-volume, computationally expensive parts of your application with a stdlib microservice — from image processing to e-mail batching.

Simple Backends

Compose applications without setting up and configuring a web server by using many stdlib functions together.

Developer APIs

Generate documentation and a great developer experience automatically via our platform and SDKs.

Optimize Team Performance

Effective Communication

Organize disparate software teams around the same web services without e-mail. Keep your communication focused on your software.

Common Functions

Share useful software and services with anyone — even non-engineers — with a simple, intuitive way to run functions.

Easy Updates

Minimize downtime with issue tracking and rollbacks for frequently updated services.