# Your StdLib Alexa Skill This is a template for your StdLib Alexa Skill. It's easy to get started, to create a new intent simply create a file with the name of your intent in `./alexa/intents/`. You'll see a sample `HelloWorld` intent already in there (the name is matched without the `.js` file.) ## Sample Intent: HelloWorld ```javascript const lib = require('lib'); module.exports = function (slots, callback) { return callback(null, `Hello World`); }; ``` This intent will cause Alexa to respond with "Hello World." You can see that intents defined in this way receive `slots` automatically, and are executed with a `callback` - the first parameter is an `Error` parameter, and if provided, Alexa will respond with an error. Otherwise Alexa will respond with the string provided by the second parameter. For more information on Alexa Skills please check out
  Published by marcisouza on Apr 5th 2017, 5:27 PM
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