The Function as a Service Software Library
Build, Share and Scale Microservices —
Without Managing Servers

Build and Share in Seconds

Automatic Scaling Without Configuration

Build your own services or integrate with existing ones without ever worrying about scale. From your first ten users to ten million daily requests, stdlib services are always available to meet your needs.

Here's an example of the markdown service we use to generate documentation on this very website.

The Easiest Way to Build Microservices

After months of beta testing and feedback from thousands of early adopters, we're proud to officially announce our Developer Preview. This software is the release candidate for our official launch, and we're happy to get you to start using it to build production-ready offerings today.

We are confident you'll find this the fastest, easiest way to build and manage microservices, starting with Node.js, and we hope it helps change the way you think about building web applications.

$ npm install lib -g
$ mkdir my-stdlib-workspace
$ cd my-stdlib-workspace
$ lib init

A Complete End-to-End "Server-less" Solution

Our open source tooling — including the development framework, registry, and package management — is free, and always will be. Throughout the Developer Preview, service usage is unmetered and we'll be offering 500,000 compute seconds free per month afterwards to all early adopters.