NEWStdLib Launches and Receives $2M in Funding from Stripe

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Standard Library is the fastest way to build, ship, host, document, scale and integrate with APIs without the headache of managing infrastructure and complicated toolchains. See how our serverless platform is changing software development — from internal tools to external developer APIs.
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> Install command line tools
$ npm install lib.cli -g

> Initialize a workspace
$ lib init

> Create a service
$ lib create


> Deploy infinitely scalable web API (dev environment)
$ lib up dev

> Deploy a service to production (immutable)
$ lib release
module.exports = async (name = 'Dolores') => {
  return `Hello, ${name}. Bring yourself back online.`;
build for an ecosystem

NEWSSlack · Announces investment in StdLib | TechCrunch · StdLib receives $2M in Seed Funding

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A Standard Library for the Web

Build and ship custom application logic and APIs using infinitely scalable serverless web functions.

Share sourcecode with your team to easily replicate internal workflow logic or onboard external developers into your ecosystem with a single click.

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From general purpose Business APIs, to Slack Bots, Message Bird Messaging Hubs, Alexa Skills and more — you can build new projects and connect them to third party services in minutes.

StdLib Features

StdLib is an all-in-one API development solution, from ideation to implementation, iteration, all the way through to production. Here are some things that make it awesome:

Infinite Scalability

Self-Healing Services

Command Line Tools

Automatic Type Checking

Billing and Authentication

Open Specification

Team Collaboration

Rate Limiting

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