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Standard Library is an all-in-one API development, management and hosting solution that lets you build integrations — Slack apps, Stripe webhooks, you name it — in minutes instead of days. Perfect for cross-functional teams, always powered by code.

  • Pat Chavez (you)
  • Keith Horwood
  • Jacob Lee
  • Steve Meyer
  • Janeth Ledezma
  • Scott Gamble
Keith Horwood 12:05PM
Hey can someone invite the new hire to the channel?
Jacob Lee 12:05PM
No problem, I will now 👍
Janeth Ledezma 12:05PM
So excited!
New Hire 12:05PM
joined #general
Standard Library Bot 12:05PM
Welcome to the channel ! ✨
* Welcome your Slack users with style

module.exports = async (user = '', channel = '') => {
return {
response_type: `in_channel`,
text: `Welcome to the channel <@${user}>! :sparkles:`,

Integrate with your favorite APIs

You need to build a simple API-based integration. You're on a deadline. You don't want to set up infrastructure, you just want the thing to work. You've found the right place — Standard Library has a line-up of great pre-built integrations for you to get started right away. Start with an example like Slack or Stripe, learn about and build anything else you'd like with help from the community.

Your browser is the only tool you need

You can now immediately create, modify and deploy APIs without any complicated installation steps. Code on Standard Library is a full-featured code editor, available directly from your web browser. Crack your knuckles and crank out your next project in minutes. You can even try it here!

Open Code on Standard Library

You're an Engineer? We understand — us, too.

You're not looking for fancy browser-based editors, and you can whip up your own integrations with a few NPM packages in a matter of minutes. We feel you — we do that a lot, too. You just want us to host your APIs for you and make sure they're accessible to others. Got it. That's why we provide a full command line tool interface to manage APIs and projects from the coding setup you've perfected over the last five years.

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You want to build? Let's do it.

Available quick-start tutorials will have you building professional-quality integrations and APIs connected to your favorite services in minutes. Give one a try! Don't know where to start? You can try a Slack applications if you're a beginner — don't be afraid to dive deep, though.

Create your first API with Standard Library in 10 minutes
Keep your team informed with a custom Slack bot in 9 minutes
Send personalized texts with Messagebird in 7 minutes
Start generating revenue with a Stripe Store in 5 minutes
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See what others are building

Here's a sneak peek of what others are shipping this very moment. If you're not sure where to start, this might give you some inspiration! If you want to build private APIs, we support that as well — these are public releases.

Recent releases

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Keep informed with updates from Standard Library

You can keep up to date on the latest and greatest new products and features by following our blog — updated bi-weekly!

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