Introducing Build, a new way to develop workflows

Build allows you to effortlessly create automated workflows with a simple, intuitive UI. It connects to Standard Library APIs and automatically generates high-quality code, completely customizable. Built for both developers and non-coders alike, flexible enough for professional engineering teams.

  • Pat Chavez (you)
  • Keith Horwood
  • Jacob Lee
  • Steve Meyer
  • Janeth Ledezma
  • Scott Gamble
Keith Horwood 12:05PM
Hey can someone invite the new hire to the channel?
Jacob Lee 12:05PM
No problem, I will now 👍
Janeth Ledezma 12:05PM
So excited!
New Hire 12:05PM
joined #general
Standard Library Bot 12:05PM
Welcome to the channel ! ✨
* Welcome your Slack users with style

module.exports = async (user = '', channel = '') => {
return {
response_type: `in_channel`,
text: `Welcome to the channel <@${user}>! :sparkles:`,

An introduction to Build in 6 minutes

What developers — experienced and new — are saying...

Evan You Author of Vue.js
I've wasted plenty of hours hacking together multiple APIs for simple automation tasks, using various products. I'm super excited to finally have a powerful developer product that can deliver an even better experience.
Ashley Perks Creative Director at The Hill
We needed a specific Slack bot for our newsroom and this product helped me easily build one — would recommend! Love love love this — for code newbies like me, it was a lifesaver!
Dennis Chiang Program Manager at PartnerHero
The Google Sheets integration is great. There’s no longer a need to go out of our way to manually pull data or take screenshots of team overviews. It has made us more efficient and is saving us hours of work every week.

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Standard Library’s product is built with efficiency in mind: we take care of the technical overhead so you can get right into developing. On top of hosting APIs and auto-scaling our cloud infrastructure to match incoming request volume, we offer a host of other features. Enjoy!

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You can now immediately create, modify and deploy APIs without any complicated installation steps. Code on Standard Library is a full-featured code editor, available directly from your web browser. Crack your knuckles and crank out your next project in minutes. You can even try it here!

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> Install command line tools
$ npm install lib.cli -g
> Initialize a workspace
$ lib init
> Create a service
$ lib create
__main__.js — /stdlib/functions
module.exports = async (name='Dolores') => {
return `Hello, ${ name }. Bring yourself back online.`;
> Deploy an infinitely scalable web API (dev environment)
$ lib up dev
> Deploy an immutable service to production
$ lib release
> Read more about it at

Seasoned pro? We have your back — we're developers, too. We provide a full command line tool interface so that you can manage APIs and projects from the coding setup you've perfected over the last five years. Be it VSCode, Atom, vim or emacs, you can work right from your terminal.

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