# Your stdlib service: jacoblee/devenvtest This is the README for your service. A few notes; `package.json` is NPM-compatible and contains some stdlib configuration details. `.gitignore` has also been provided for your convenience. # package.json This is a standard `package.json`. You'll notice an additional `"stdlib"` field. You can configure your service for the stdlib registry using; `name` - The name to register on stdlib, in the format of `<username>/<service>`. In order to compile to the registry you must have permission to compile to the provided username's account. `defaultFunction` - Execute if provided no function route (root service). If not specified, your base service route will provide a list of available functions in JSON format. `timeout` - The time in ms at which to kill service execution. Free accounts are limited to 30 seconds (30000). `publish` - Whether to publish releases (versioned) to the stdlib public directory. Packages pushed to the registry in non-release environments will never be published. # env.json Environment configuration for your service. Each top level key (i.e. `"dev"` and `"release"`) specifies their own set of key-value pairs for a specific execution environment. The keys and values specified are automatically added to the `process.env` variable in Node.js. `"dev"` is the *non-configurable* name of the local environment, but can also be used as an environment name for compilation (i.e. `$ lib up development`). `"release"` is the *non-configurable* name of the production environment when you create releases with `$ lib release`. You can add additional environments and key-value pairs, and use them for compilation with `lib up <environment>`. Note that free accounts are restricted to one compilation environment (aside from `"release"`). *We recommend against checking this file in to version control*. It will be saved with your tarball and is privately retrievable from the stdlib registry using your account credentials. It has been added to `.gitignore` by default. # f/main/function.json This is your function definition file. The following fields can be used for execution configuration of specific functions within your service. `name` - The function name. This maps to an execution route over HTTP. For example, `jacoblee/devenvtest/main` would map to the first function you've created. `description` - A brief description of the function. To provide detailed information about function execution, overwrite this README. `args` - An `Array` describing each argument as you expect them to be passed to `params.args`. `kwargs` - An `Object` describing each keyword argument as you expect them to be passed to `params.kwargs` `http` - Information to provide to function requests over HTTP. `http.headers` - HTTP headers to return in the response. Examples are `"Content-Type"` to specify file type if your function returns a `Buffer` or `"Access-Control-Allow-Origin"` to restrict browser-based function requests. # f/main/index.js The entry point to your function described in `f/main/function.json`. This is *non-configurable*. You may add as many subdirectories and supportive files as you like, but `index.js` will remain the entry point and *must* export a function to be active.
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