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We hope you enjoy documentation for the Jacob Lee recommendMusic API on Standard Library! This API can be used via the command line (shell), Node, Ruby, Python or as a generic HTTP call in any language. Check the code examples on the right associated with each API method for how to use this API in your language of choice.
API Description
Recommends songs based on an input artist you like.
# README This service attempts to find the most popular artist matching your input string, and returns song suggestions based on the artist. For example, sending the following request: ``` https://jacoblee.stdlib.com/recommendMusic?artist=tove%20lo ``` Yields an array of 5 songs that we recommend based on Tove Lo as an input: ``` [ "TG4M by Zara Larsson", "Castle by Halsey", "How To Be A Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds", "Kamikaze by MØ", "Team by Lorde" ] ```
Returns a list of recommended music based on an input artist.
Authenticated   |   Pricing  ·  Free   |   Limit  ·  no rate limit
Unauthenticated   |   Limit  ·  10 requests / 1 hour
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