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We hope you enjoy documentation for the Keith Horwood tweetstorm API on Standard Library! This API can be used via the command line (shell), Node, Ruby, Python or as a generic HTTP call in any language. Check the code examples on the right associated with each API method for how to use this API in your language of choice.
API Description
Create markdown documents from tweets with ease
# Tweetstorm - Tweets to Markdown This is a really simple API requested by [Patrick McKenzie (@patio11)]( on Twitter. Link to request [here]( The API takes two parameters, `id` and `name` and outputs a Markdown document tracing back an entire Tweetstorm (or reply thread) to its initial parent. `id` can be a Twitter tweet ID or just a link to the tweet itself. Note that URLs and @ mentions will be linked to the appropriate document / user, lines are truncated at a max of 80 characters long (given a space exists appropriately), and non-parent user replies are indicated (if a tweetstorm or reply thread contains a tweet from somebody else). Enjoy!
Takes a Tweet ID (or URL) and a name for your Tweetstorm and outputs a Markdown document (plaintext)
Authenticated   |   Pricing  ·  Free   |   Limit  ·  no rate limit
Unauthenticated   |   Limit  ·  no rate limit
The Tweet ID or URL of the most recent Tweet (not the beginning of the Tweetstorm, the end)
current value set to
enter a test value
The name of your Tweetstorm
optional, default value is
optional, current value set to
enter a test value
Made with by the Keith Horwood team with the help of Standard Library.