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The sms API requires you to accept the latest Terms of Service (ToS) in order to use it.

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We hope you enjoy documentation for the MessageBird sms API on Standard Library! This API can be used via the command line (shell), Node, Ruby, Python or as a generic HTTP call in any language. Check the code examples on the right associated with each API method for how to use this API in your language of choice.
API Description
Add SMS messaging to your application with a single line of code. MessageBird provides an API to send and receive SMS messages across the world.
# Sending SMS Messages with MessageBird and StdLib This service allows you to send text messages from MessageBird telephone numbers you've previously claimed with the [numbers]( API. After you've claimed a number, you can send text messages using the `messagebird.sms.create` function. You can try this directly on this page from your browser. Alternatively, using the StdLib [command line tools](, you can run: ``` $ lib messagebird.sms.create --recipient <recipient phone number> --body <the message to send> ``` If you wish to send a message from a specific number you've claimed with the [numbers]( API, you can add an `originator` parameter. Otherwise, we'll pick one of your claimed numbers for you. You can also set other StdLib functions as handlers for incoming messages with the [handlers]( API. ### Additional Information There is currently a limit of 500 sent messages per number per day. You can claim additional numbers for 99¢ each by calling the [numbers.claim]( endpoint. This will allow you to send more messages.
Sends a text (SMS) message using MessageBird's global messaging platform. Inside the US and Canada, usage is limited to 500 messages sent per number (originator) per day. Before using this method, you should make sure you have previously initialized your first number using the "initialize" method from the "numbers" API
Authenticated   |   Pricing  ·  $0.005 per request   |   Limit  ·  no rate limit
Unauthenticated   |   Forbidden  ·  Requires ToS
The telephone number to send the text message from. Must be a number you own. If unspecified, a number corresponding to the recipient's country with available capacity (<500 messages sent in 24h) will be automatically chosen.
optional, default value is
optional, current value set to
enter a test value
The telephone number to send the text message to. Please be sure to include the country code (i.e. "1" for US / CA).
current value set to
enter a test value
The contents of the text message you would like to send.
current value set to
enter a test value
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