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@steve published version 0.1.7 on 2017-11-15T18:07:26.189Z

Getting Started

Thanks for checking out this Reddit bot Source Code! In a few minutes, you'll have a fully customizable, infinitely scalable Reddit bot. For more information check out this guide.

To get started, press the Install Service from Source button below the editor to deploy the functions that will power your Reddit bot. After that you can fetch your code from the command line with:

$ lib get [username]/reddit-bot

Installing From The Command Line

If you would like to install this source from the command line, make sure you have Node.js installed on your machine. Then, install our command line tools by following the directions on this page. Once you've done that, create a StdLib workspace with lib init (you will be prompted to create an account if you haven't already). From that workspace, run lib create -s @steve/reddit-bot to retrieve this source and generate a scaffold StdLib service directory for you Reddit bot. cd into the directory you've just created.