Hey everyone! Last week we covered the Google Sheets Connector API that can turn any Google Sheet into a database. This week, we're going to cover the introduction of one of our "launch" Connector APIs — the Airtable Connector API which connects directly to any Airtable base.

Similar to @googlesheets/query, @airtable/query allows you to query any Airtable base using the KeyQL specification making data queries simple, standardized and tractable across the SaaS applications and APIs you use on Standard Library.

A Quick API Example

Using the Airtable Query API in a project is as simple as...

const lib = require('lib')({token: process.env.STDLIB_SECRET_TOKEN});

const result = await lib.airtable.query['@0.1.11'].select({
  table: 'Events', // Your table name
  where: {Date__recency_lt: 3600} // KeyQL query, gets `Date` an hour ago or less
  limit: {count: 2} // KeyQL limit, limits results to 2

result.rows; // array of rows matching [{createdTime: 'x', fields: {Date: 'x', ... }}]

You can authenticate Airtable to any Standard Library identity on your Tokens Management Page. Create a General Use Token to use outside of Standard Library projects.

Build an SMS Event Notification System with Airtable

As a sample, we've prepared a tutorial of how you can use the Airtable API to build an SMS-based Event Notification System.

You can click here to read it — or enjoy this animated example!

Airtable Workflow

That's it!

Shorter update this week, we just wanted to fill you in on how you can start playing around with Airtable on Standard Library. We hope you enjoy! If you'd like support, please join our Slack workspace. You can also follow us on Twitter, @StandardLibrary. We'll have more for you next week, as usual.

Keith Horwood
Founder and CEO, Standard Library