Hey everyone! I'm happy to have the opportunity to write another Standard Library update. This week we've added support for using Twilio as an event source! We've also released a couple of connector APIs for Twilio, which will help you send messages and manage phone numbers.

Twilio Event Source

We've added support for setting Twilio as the event source for workflows. Just select Twilio from the workflow editor and sms.received as the event to create a workflow that's triggered via SMS. Your workflow will be able to use the source phone number, the message text, and other information to respond in any way you'd like.

Event Source

We've written a tutorial on how to build a Twilio SMS hub to help you get started.

Twilio Connector APIs

We've also added two connector APIs to help you leverage Twilio in your workflows.

You can use these instantly on Build on Standard Library!

Twilio APIs on Build

If there are any other features of Twilio you'd like to see added please don't hesitate to reach out via email [email protected], or join our developer Slack Workspace for help (click here for an invitation).

Thank You!

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Thanks for reading, we can't wait to see what you build!

Steve Meyer
Software Engineer, Standard Library