Hey everyone, another week, another update! This'll be a short one, seeing as our last update was last week and we're moving a little bit faster than our traditional bi-weekly updates. However, we're happy to announce two major additions to Standard Library: we've added automatic code completion, and with the official switch for Node 10.x to LTS we've bumped our Node engine (runtime) to 10.13.0 on all Standard Library APIs.

Automatic Code Completion

Code Completion on Standard Library

With the recent introduction of e-mail autocompletion to Gmail, we decided we'd like to add an autocompletion engine of our own to Code on Standard Library. If you weren't already aware, Code on Standard Library is a bespoke in-browser development experience built from scratch (literally the ground up) by our team; we don't use Microsoft's Monaco which is based off of VSCode, we rolled our own.

Because of this, we're missing a lot of the "freebies" some in-browser development environments get for free with VSCode. We're determined to make sure this doesn't stay the case for long; Code on Standard Library currently has a minified payload about 25% the size of Monaco and has a bunch of additional UI features re: creating tasks, loading from templates and more.

Right now, the code completion engine supports about 60 different predefined patterns that should help you get started with building APIs using Node in your browser: we plan to expand it to be a more robust "intellisense"-like experience. You can play with it below!

Node 10

Now that Node 10.x has gone LTS, we've upgraded the Standard Library code execution platform to run Node 10.13.0 from Node 8.x. Not much else to say here, we hope you enjoy having the most recent runtime features available!

That's it!

That's all this week. As usual, thanks for joining us on our journey, and if you have questions or need help join our Slack workspace (click for invitation) follow us on Twitter, @StandardLibrary, or feel free to reach out directly to me on Twitter, @keithwhor.

Happy building!

Keith Horwood
Founder and CEO, Standard Library