Hey everyone! As the summer winds down, we wanted to make sure we launched a very important feature of the platform. Since we first announced Build on Standard Library people have been asking, "how do I create my own Connector APIs?" We're pleased to announce that the process of building your own reusable APIs for use in setting up workflows is now a straightforward process. You can Build Your Own Connector APIs easily, and we even have a template to start.

Build Your Own Connector APIs

To build your own Connector API, we've provided a very easy template that you can deploy from GitHub using our Deploy from GitHub button. It's available on GitHub: stdlib-examples/connector-pokefusion.

The example is a Connector API that provides Pokemon Fusion capabilities, and can be used in any app you build. For example, our team has built a /pokefusion Slack slash command.

Pokefusion Dropdown

Pokefusion Result

To get started and implement your own Pokefusion API, head over to GitHub: stdlib-examples/connector-pokefusion. Follow the README and deploy directly from the example! You'll need to make sure you publish a version of the API before you see it available in the dropdown.

Changing an API to a Connector API

Additionally, any API you build on Standard Library can be changed between a Workflow API and Connector API from the project page. In order to appear in the Build on Standard Library UI, an API must both be classified as a Connector API and a version (release) must be published.

Simply click the lock icon to the right of the Connector API dropdown, and voila!

Select the project type and you're all done! Please note that Connector APIs can not respond to events.

Happy Building!

That's all this week, if you'd like help please feel free to join our Slack workspace for help from us and the community. You can also follow us on Twitter, @StandardLibrary.

More coming soon!

Keith Horwood
Founder and CEO, Standard Library