Hey all! I'm thrilled to announce another bi-weekly update from the Standard Library team.

We've added Code.xyz authentication support so you can test private or authentication-reliant APIs from your browser as you iterate on them, stack traces to runtime errors for dev APIs to aid debugging, and a feature allowing you to download your API's code as a tarball directly from Code.xyz.

We also traveled to Canada last weekend to help hackers at HackThe6ix, Toronto's leading summer hackathon. We met some amazingly talented, enthusiastic people, and saw some awesome projects built on the platform!

Let's dive in!

Authentication From Code.xyz

You can now select a library token you'd like to use to make authenticated requests directly from Code.xyz. This makes it simple to test access-restricted APIs, and/or APIs that require information like the username of the requester, right from your browser! Simply hover over your username in the top right of the editor and select Set Active Library Token:

You can see what your currently active token is, change your active token by clicking a different token in the menu, or unset your token if you'd like to make unauthenticated requests by clicking the same token you have set.

If you'd like to create a new token or expire one of your existing ones, simply follow the Manage Tokens button in the bottom of the dialog, or go to the library tokens section of your Standard Library dashboard.

Try it out below!

Stack Traces for Dev APIs

To help debug tricky issues, we've added visible stack traces to any API that's called in a non-release (i.e. development) environment (for example, dev). This information is available via an additional field in the error object returned by Standard Library error responses, stack (accessible from our client libraries as err.stack). For example, executing the following API:

Will now result in the following error:

Errors that released (i.e. versioned, 0.0.0, 0.1.0, etc.) APIs throw will not return the stack field, but are still available in your service's API logs.

Code.xyz Tarball Export

You can now download your API code directly from Code.xyz! After opening your project, simply right click its header in the file explorer and select Export as Tarball.

Thank You!

That's all for this week's update — we hope you find these features and improvements useful as you build! If you need to contact us, please feel free to join our Slack workspace, or follow us on Twitter, @StdLibHQ.

We can't wait to see what you'll build!

Jacob Lee
Co-Founder, Standard Library