Last week we launched, the online code editor for building APIs to an amazing response — more than 2,500 APIs have been deployed using it in less than a week — and from everyone on the StdLib team, we wanted to say thank you. We're excited to build the future of serverless API development and collaborative coding with all of you!

Our post on Product Hunt skyrocketed to #2 Product of the Day, competing against new products from both Google and Intercom, and the announcement of our $2M fundraise from Stripe was well-received: I appreciate the personalized e-mails many sent in response. It means a lot, and we are very thankful to have such an awesome community of developers and supporters.

With that in mind, it's been six days since went live and we're on a roll — we're rapidly absorbing as much developer feedback as possible. I'd like to use this opportunity to cover our current changelog, establish a cadence for when you can expect product updates to both and StdLib to be announced, and finally, feature some feedback from the community. Updates

  • Per popular request (thanks, Hugo!) we've improved cursor navigation in

    • cmd + / (Mac), ctrl + / (Win) toggles // comments on selected lines (if not all commented, adds comments, otherwise removes)
    • cmd + ] (Mac), ctrl + ] (Win), tab on a highlighted selection adds indenting to every selected line
    • cmd + [ (Mac), ctrl + [ (Win), shift + tab on a highlighted selection removes indenting to every selected line
    • cmd + shift + z (Mac), ctrl + shift + z (Win) now acts as undo (joining previously enabled cmd + y / ctrl + y)
    • cmd + L (Mac), ctrl + L (Win) selects the current line (Unsupported in Safari)
    • cmd + c (Mac), ctrl + c (Win) on empty selection highlights and copies entire current line
    • cmd + x (Mac), ctrl + x (Win) on empty selection highlights and cuts entire current line
  • File Uploads are now supported (you can import files from your local filesystem)

    • Simply right click on the TreeView on the left and select "Upload Files..." — try it below!

StdLib Platform Updates

  • We've added a new function definition parameter, keys, which allows you to define function-specific API keys

For example, in functions/doAThing.js

* This is my endpoint function, called "doAThing"
* @keys MY_API_KEY
module.exports = async (context) => {
  // context is a "magic parameter"
  return context.keys.MY_API_KEY; // return API Key

You can pass in these keys to a StdLib function in one of two ways programmatically;

1. Using the lib-node Library

const lib = require('lib');
const myUsername = lib.myUsername({MY_API_KEY: 'someValue'});
let result = await myUsername.doAThing();
console.log(result); // returns "someValue"

2. Using an HTTP Request Directly

Simply set X-Authorization-Keys header to value {"MY_API_KEY":"someValue"} (JSON).

X-Authorization-Keys: {"MY_API_KEY":"someValue"}

Product Update Cadence

From this point forward, we will be posting and StdLib Platform updates on a weekly to bi-weekly cadence. We will never go more than two weeks without an update, and you can expect updates on Wednesdays before 9:00AM PT. This is our promise to our community — if there is any reason why Product Updates will take longer than a two week cadence, we will notify everyone ahead of time via our Twitter account, @StdLibHQ.

Community Feedback

We wanted to shine some light on some awesome community feedback we've received on Twitter since launching. If you'd like to be featured here in an update, feel free to tweet at us @StdLibHQ! We may use your feedback to fix a bug and thank you directly, or just include your kind words in a community post!

Chad Fowler (@chadfowler), CTO of Startup Advocacy at Microsoft...

Brian Leroux (@brianleroux), Co-founder at Begin...

Chris Munns (@chrismunns), Senior Serverless Developer Advocate at AWS...

Jared Short (@ShortJared), Director of Innovation at Trek10...

That's All for This Week!

Again, thank you so much for all the positive feedback and kind words! We'll be releasing more information in the coming weeks about the roadmap, our vision as to the future of API development, collaborative coding, and a whole lot more! Also, please keep in mind we're hiring, we'd love for you to consider joining us.


Keith Horwood
Founder and CEO, StdLib