Hey everyone! As promised in our last blog post, it's been two weeks, so it's time for an update on the progress of both Code.xyz and Standard Library. We are thrilled to be able to share that we hit a milestone earlier this week, more than 50,000 APIs have now been deployed to Standard Library — both using our command line tools and Code.xyz. These include Slack bots, Stripe stores, Messagebird's SMS APIs, everything you need to know about mountains via AscenDB's API, and tens of thousands of private workflow automation APIs (task scheduling, e-mail outreach, web scraping, you name it)!

If you've heard about Code.xyz and what we're doing at Standard Library but have no idea where to get started, our very own Janeth Ledezma Sanchez has you covered:

Now — the good stuff! Our community Slack workspace has been buzzing. There are all kinds of feature requests we've been itemizing and knocking out with a lot of interest around GitHub integration. We're pleased to announce that we've been listening and working hard to make Code.xyz a more integrated experience with your existing developer tools and workflows.

Code.xyz and Standard Library Updates

Export API Functions as GitHub Gists

  • Functions for APIs as Components: Export as GitHub Gist
    • We now offer the ability to export any individual function in your functions/ directory (API endpoints) as a GitHub Gist
    • This feature effectively turns functions / API endpoints into shareable components
    • You can use this functionality to share Code.xyz examples with others, or keep your own set of commonly used endpoints to mix-and-match in future API projects
    • This functionality is easily accessible by right-clicking the function you'd like to export from the TreeView or right-clicking the active file contents in the editor

Export as GitHub Gist

Import from GitHub Gists

  • Import from Gist: Load from URL
    • Once you have a gist, you can share it with others by sharing the link code.xyz/?gist=username/gistid0000 (where gistid0000 is the automatically generated unique gist id provided by GitHub)
    • The example below (and embedded at the bottom of this blog post) is located at https://code.xyz/?gist=keithwhor/6ad11a67add5860a75b0e8b0e3694af9
  • Import from Gist: Load from your Gists
    • By right-clicking in the Code.xyz TreeView, you can add any Gists you'd like to a project that you've previously saved from Code.xyz
    • These Gists can be used as "API function templates" or components as described above

Import Functions

Import Functions Dialog

API Documentation Introductions Made Easy: API.md

  • Platform Update: API.md
    • We've separated out internal and external documentation for your APIs into an API.md and README.md file
    • README.md is information for internal API development - you can share secrets around implementation details here
    • API.md is for end-users that you want to consume your API - it is used to generate documentation (namely, the API description and how to) on Standard Library

Thanks — try it out!

Want to try out our new features? Check out the example below: it's loading a Gist from my GitHub account that proves that [a == 1, a == 2, a == 3] can return [true, true, true] in JavaScript!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more GitHub integrations!

Keith Horwood
Founder and CEO, StdLib