Hey everyone! This week we're introducing the Clearbit Connector APIs. These APIs include clearbit.person for finding out enrichment data about a specific person, clearbit.risk for calculating risk scores of a specific e-mail address, and clearbit.company for looking up specific company enrichment information.

Using the Clearbit Connector APIs

You can use the Clearbit Connector API by visiting build.stdlib.com/tokens and creating a General Use Token and linking your Clearbit account. It'll be available from the dropdown to link new resources on any token management page.

You can also add it when creating a new workflow. The authentication process simply involves copying your Clearbit public and secret keys to your Standard Library identity.

We've published a tutorial on how to build an Slack App that automatically enriches customer information for you from Stripe. It's called Build a Slack “New Customer” Notification App in 7 Minutes with Stripe, Clearbit, Standard Library and Node.js, check it out!

Thank you!

That's all this week — next week we'll have some brand new platform features for you, we're excited! As usual, If you'd like support from our community, please join our Slack workspace. You can also follow us on Twitter, @StandardLibrary.

😊 Happy building!

Keith Horwood
Founder and CEO, Standard Library