Hey everyone! It's Jacob from the Standard Library team with another bi-weekly update.

I'm pleased to announce support for directly sharing your APIs to email addresses, cold start mitigation for members of our team subscription plan, and improvements to scheduled task management from our CLI.

A few months ago, the team also attended ServerlessConf in San Francisco, where our founder and CEO, Keith, gave a talk about Standard Library and where we want to head from here. It went live recently, and it's definitely worth a watch:

We'll be headed to Functions 2018 in Toronto next week, so if you're in the area, come say hi! And now, without further ado, let's dive into the platform updates!

API Sharing to Email

It's now easier than ever to share APIs you build on Standard Library. Simply enter your friend or co-worker's email address, and we'll send them an invitation to check out your API! They'll be able to choose which Standard Library account they'd like to use to access your API, and you can set whether you'd like to allow them to just view your API's documentation or view and collaborate on the code itself.

You can still search for users by their Standard Library usernames, and you can even mix types of invitations within the same share.

Cold Start Improvements

We're happy to announce API cold start mitigation as a feature for users on our team subscription plan. This automatically applies to all of a user's deployed APIs, and should ensure that first executions of APIs after a long period of time will be faster.

Scheduled Task CLI Improvements

Scheduled task creation from the CLI now supports cron expressions and invocation of APIs deployed to development environments (i.e. @dev). Simply use the lib tasks:create command with the name of the API and follow the prompts.

Additionally, listing your tasks with lib tasks will show when your task will be invoked next.

Thank You!

We appreciate your continued support, and hope that you find these improvements helpful as you create your APIs! If you would like to contact us, please feel free to join our Slack workspace, or follow us on Twitter, @StdLibHQ.

We can't wait to see what you'll build!

Jacob Lee
Co-Founder, Standard Library