Hey everyone! I'm happy to provide another update on behalf of the Standard Library team. This week we released a highly requested feature — the ability to view and tail logs directly from Code on Standard Library.

Logs from Code on Standard Library

We also had some fun this weekend traveling to the University of Western Ontario to help out at HackWestern. This was our second time at HackWestern, and we were absolutely blown away with the projects built on top of Standard Library. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, so I'd like to give a special shout out to some new Nintendo Switch owners, AI Royale!

Thanks again to everybody who participated, to Western, and to the organizers. Now, on to the product update!

Logs from Code on Standard Library

We've been receiving a lot of feedback from the community around logging. Notably, a robust way to monitor and capture logs has not yet been available from Code on Standard Library. We're happy to say that changes today! Though tailing logs has previously been available through our dashboard and CLI, we've now added them to the Code on Standard Library web interface. You can view them by clicking on the "Logs" button on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Once open, you can filter logs by type, environment, and API endpoint. We've included a sample for you to try out, embedded below. Just click "Run" and check out the logs!

We are always happy to work on quality of life improvements like this, so if you have an idea, please drop us a line!

That's All!

As usual, thanks for reading. If you'd like to connect, please feel free to join our Slack workspace or follow us on Twitter @StandardLibrary.

Steve Meyer
Software Engineer, Standard Library