Hey, Scott here with another update from the Standard Library team! If you've been checking out the Standard Library site over the last few months, you may have noticed that things have been looking pretty different. As our product evolves, our visual language has to evolve with it. Today we're launching the latest iteration of our design, so I thought I would take some time to talk about all the changes and the reasoning behind the look.

homepage header

I usually like to start with some high-level, abstract ideas. These can be anything from a generic shape, a mood, an idea, or, (more often in my case) a cheesy one-liner or pun. From the shortlist I had, the ones that stood out were Connecting the Dots and Bits and Blobs. These are what would guide the visual flair of the page. In the case of this design, this translated into dots, lines, and square bits.

As a designer, I want to communicate the company and product visions through brand visuals. One of the primary goals of Standard Library is making connections, both literally and figuratively. We provide a solution for connecting APIs with one another, and in doing so, connecting your applications with your data, colleagues and customers quickly and easily. Some of our customers' most frequent use cases are building integrations with Stripe, Slack, GitHub, Typeform and more. This is the connective tissue that runs through the entire product, so it made sense to reflect this in the design.

connecting the dots

Standard Library is all about simplifying complicated technical work and abstracting it into small, digestible pieces. A big part of working this design has been cutting away the fluff and working towards sticking with a core set of principles. The layout is uncomplicated, and all about getting to the meat of what we have to offer.

Design really is as much of an iterative process as engineering, and it's not often you get to peek behind the finished product or hear about why things end up looking the way they do. We're looking forward to continuing to deliver on the look and feel of our products as much as we do the technology behind them. If you're interested to hear more, feel free to reach out directly on Twitter — @threesided.

Be sure to take a look around and admire the new digs, even the revamped profile page... we'd love feedback around what you'd like to see next!

new profile hotness

Thanks for reading!

If you'd like to connect, please feel free to join our Slack workspace or follow us on Twitter @StandardLibrary.

Scott Gamble
Graphic Design and Engineering, Standard Library