Hey everyone! Scott here again with another batch of visual updates to the site. Just over a month ago I posted about our redesign, and this blog update follows the progression of those changes.

You can view the updates to our website here... feel free to follow along!

Last time I talked about some of the high level motivations for our website changes and about design as an iterative process. This means that all design is a work in progress to some extent, with milestones and versions. In this update, I want to talk about the ways in which this plays out from version to version. In this case I want to talk through how a site design evolves in terms of subtractive and additive changes.

Subtractive Changes — Decluttering

new home screen

Sometimes you have too much information, or the information is too dense and needs to be simplified or spread out so that it can be more easily digested. It can also be that you've just got too much decoration that doesn't help deliver the message any clearer. In the previous iteration of the site, I added a lot of lines and dots to try and drive home this idea of "connectivity". For me it felt more decorative than anything, and left portions of the page feeling cramped in some spots as well. The header icons were also pretty over the top in terms of screen real estate, so those were pared back. As a designer it's really tempting to over-emphasize the things that make a design pretty rather than the things that make it an effective communication tool.

Additive Changes — More Information

feature carousel

Sometimes, as a side effect of trying to simplify a design, we actually lose information. By trying to maintain a concise message we actually lost some important information about useful features Standard Library provides. To solve this we added a new feature carousel! Standard Library boasts a lot of really cool features, some of which are not immediately obvious at first glance. The carousel we added helps highlight those high level features without crowding the screen with a bunch of dense information. You're able to pick apart each one individually, without introducing a ton of vertical space. Now we get the best of both worlds: lots of great information, delivered in bite size chunks over time.

Thanks for reading!

Working through this push and pull between adding more, or saying more with less is an essential part of finding that sweet spot in your design. As always, we love to hear your feedback! Feel free to reach out on Twitter — @threesided

If you'd like to connect, please feel free to join our Slack workspace or follow us on Twitter @StandardLibrary.

Scott Gamble
Graphic Design and Engineering, Standard Library