Platform Features

Standard Library is an all-in-one development solution, from ideation to implementation, iteration, all the way through to production.

Infinite Scalability

Based on new "serverless" technology, your code scales to any request load.

Self-Healing Services

Runtime error? No problem. Standard Library services self-heal, meaning one-off errors won't disrupt other customers.

Command Line Tools

Don't spend time wrestling with project setup, get started in a few seconds with the Standard Library CLI.

Automatic Type Checking

The Standard Library Gateway comes with a built-in type system, meaning you can trust user input and your developers can trust output.

Open Specification

Standard Library is based on the FunctionScript open specification, meaning it's portable should you want to set up your own system.

Rate Limiting

Have some fragile infrastructure behind the scenes that you need to protect? Standard Library can act as a gateway and set rate limits easily.

Billing and Authentication

Billing is handled down to the request by Standard Library's system, meaning you can charge and earn for your services with the click of a button.

Scheduled Functions

With our function scheduler, we offer cron-jobs as a service — schedule your own or any public function in a flash.

Immutable Services

Standard Library services, once released, are immutable, meaning you can trust them to never be overwritten.

Mutable Dev Environments

Testing and rapid iteration in development and staging environments requires only a single command.

Local Development

A first in the "serverless" world, Standard Library makes local development a breeze — test your functions before deploying them.

Team Collaboration

Create a team and add developers to help build your functions, great software is a communal effort.