Unbeatable pricing. FREE
Build and Prototype
$0 / mo
Power Users
Collaborate and Grow
Coming Soon
Support and SLA
Workflow Projects Unlimited Unlimited Coming soon Unlimited
Steps per Workflow Unlimited Unlimited Coming soon Unlimited
Development Environments per Project 1 Unlimited Coming soon Unlimited
Linked Resources per Project
i.e. Airtable Base, Slack App, Stripe Account
3 Unlimited Coming soon Unlimited
Additional Collaborators per Project 3 5 Coming soon Unlimited
General Use Identity Tokens
Standard Library API Keys, can be used in any codebase
1 3 Coming soon Unlimited
Conditional Logic Coming soon
Customization with Code Coming soon
Observability and Logging Coming soon
Version Control Coming soon
Project History and Rollbacks Coming soon
General API (Connector) Development Coming soon
Monthly Compute Credits $5.00 $15.00 Coming soon Contact us
Price per Workflow Compute-Second $0.0002 / s $0.0002 / s Coming soon Contact us
Est. Monthly Requests to Workflows
min. billing 100ms / req
250,000 750,000 Coming soon Contact us
Est. Monthly API Calls to utils/sms
($0.01 / sms)
500 1,500 Coming soon Contact us
Rollover Credits (For usage overages) Coming soon Contact us
$0 / mo
Coming Soon
Evan You Author of Vue.js
I've wasted plenty of hours hacking together multiple APIs for simple automation tasks, using various products. I'm super excited to finally have a powerful developer product that can deliver an even better experience.
Ashley Perks Creative Director at The Hill
We needed a specific Slack bot for our newsroom and this product helped me easily build one — would recommend! Love love love this — for code newbies like me, it was a lifesaver!
Dennis Chiang Program Manager at PartnerHero
The Google Sheets integration is great. There’s no longer a need to go out of our way to manually pull data or take screenshots of team overviews. It has made us more efficient and is saving us hours of work every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Compute Credits Work?

As opposed to other workflow products, Standard Library is actually a complete cloud hosting platform that generates and runs code for you. We run on something called serverless technology, which means that we can automatically scale our infrastructure to suit your needs and bill as granularly as per millisecond. Compute credits are used to pay for on-demand infrastructure costs at a rate of $0.0002 / s, rounded to the nearest ms, when your workflows are being executed. Additionally, these credits can be used to pay for paid API Connector offerings like utils/sms — which costs $0.01 per API request.

What are Rollover Credits?

Instead of having a complicated tier-based payment system, we allow you to top up your account with Rollover Credits if you run out of compute capacity in a given month — say, for example, one of your workflows gets triggered 1M times when you have a Professional account. These credits simply add to your available computer credit balance, and unused rollover credits will carry over to future month(s) when left over (your subscription balance will be used first in any given month).

How much RAM and Storage do workflows and APIs have available?

All workflows run with 1.5GB of available RAM. File storage on workflows is temporary and is not guaranteed to persist between requests, with a limit of 20MB in the /tmp folder.

What is the request / response payload limit size of Workflow or Connector APIs?

Payload size for both requests and responses is limited to 50MB.

What programming languages are supported for writing and generating code?

Node.js 10.x is the only language supported by Standard Library.

What is the timeout on workflows?

Default timeout for executing workflows is 30s.

When is the Organization Tier coming?

Soon! If you're interested in better collaboration tools and analytics, please let us know in an e-mail.

Where can I learn more?

We have a comprehensive Documentation website at docs.stdlib.com — dig in!